Yoga, Achieving Balance in Standing Pose

Yoga, Achieving Balance in Standing Pose

The essential elements of balance are the alignment with gravity which makes stability physically possible, strength provides the power to create and attention. Actions provide the focus on the here and now. When you work in order to achieve a good balance, you are acquiring tranquility, spirituality, concentration, and the capacity for meditation which helps to confront life situations in a positive way. Yoga is a tool that favors the balance of the hemispheres and emotions strengthening both parts of the body with the practice of asanas and meditation techniques.

Controlling thoughts and relaxation are essential to maintain consistency in thoughts, words, and actions. Losing the fear of falling is part of achieving balance, it is with practice that fear is lost and concentration is developed in the attitude, patience, and determination, paying attention to maintain a yoga posture and achieve balance without disturbances. To feel comfortable in these postures you can find the most suitable yoga pants for women. In order to achieve the perfect balance, you need comfort provided by Yoga pants because they adjust easily to the body, thus generating security when performing these postures.

Yoga Asanas to Achieve Physical and Mental Balance

Vrksasana or Tree Pose

Just as the roots of a tree support its trunk and its branches, the feet, and the legs must become the firm base that supports the entire weight of the body and allows balance. Yoga pants provide comfort when practicing this posture.

Standing on one leg demands concentration, which allows the mind to empty itself of other thoughts. To perform this position, support the sole of the right foot on the inside of the left thigh, gently move the right knee back to open the hip, join the palms of the hand in the center of the chest and keep the chest erect. Inhale and extend the arms, lengthening the spine and trunk. Pay attention to the breathing, exhaling slowly to disarm the posture, then practice it with the other foot.

The tree’s posture is invigorating and refreshes the body and mind, decreasing tension and pain. Stimulates digestion and reduces constipation. Strengthens the back, hips, knees, neck, and shoulders. For your comfort when performing these postures use yoga legging.

Natarajasana or Dancing Pose:

It is based on the dance performed by the god Shiva at the beginning of each cycle of creation.

It is a posture of balance that extends the chest and flexes the spine, so it provides multiple benefits such as: stretching of the shoulders and thorax, strengthening of the legs and ankles, opening of the chest and moreover, it increases the balance in the nervous system and provides internal security.

To do it better, you should wear yoga leggings that will give you more flexibility when performing the specific movements.

Bend your right leg back and grasp the right foot with your right hand, lifting it gently, and then lift the left arm extending it slightly forward. It raises more the right foot and it reduces the inclination of the trunk. Exhale and lower your arms and legs. Repeat the posture with the other foot.

With patience, dedication, and perseverance you can achieve the different positions of balance throughout the practice of yoga. It is important to try them as many times as necessary. Standing in a fixed position and breathing calmly will help restore balance in the body’s senses.

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