3 Tips For Wearing Yoga Pants This Winter

3 Tips For Wearing Yoga Pants This Winter



The winter’s chill is an unavoidable part of each calendar year, making it difficult to find style-conscious ways to bundle up for the harsh winds and snow. Yogis especially can have a difficult time with finding winter-appropriate garments. Most of the pants and athleisure attire are created with heat in mind: thinner materials, little insulation, and less fabric. While they are great for those times when you unroll your mat in a hot yoga studio, they aren’t the best choice for winter wear.

What can you do to your existing closet to make your yoga pants ready for a little snow? Check out these three tips for how you can update your yoga pants for the coming cold.


1. Buy Thicker Socks

Scientists have known for years that we lose vast amounts of our body heat through our extremities – particularly our feet. When you have yoga pants on that tend to be thinner, it’s essential to make up for that lack of fabric elsewhere. Thicker socks help you to keep your most vulnerable extremities toasty during the harshest winds.

Consider knit wool socks with winter patterns to match the weather outside. You can slide these on underneath slip-on shoes or sneakers with the laces loosened to accommodate the extra bulk. Either way, your feet can remain warm throughout the winter.


2. Invest In A coat With Wind-Resistance

One of the other crucial parts of the body to protect from wind and cold is the chest. Winter wind can be especially unforgiving, so it’s important to invest in a coat that offers you some protection. A thick winter coat that resists the wind and repels rain or snow is the best option.

Look for puffer jackets in fun colors that pair with all of your soft black yoga pants. A small pop of bright color on a dreary day can be great for your prana energy and boost your overall mood. A coat with pockets is even better because it can protect the hands from the cold while storing your phone or keys.


3. Layer Up Your Yoga Pants

Yoga pants aren’t ideal for layering in the same way that yoga leggings are. However, there are some things you can do to keep your legs slightly more insulated in the chill. Compression pants are typically very thin, and the fabric lends itself well to layering. An extra layer of fabric beneath your yoga pants can create a pocket of warm air that keeps your legs protected from blustery afternoons walking around town or even just to your car.

It is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself warmer during the winter because it is virtually invisible. The colors won’t matter as long as they aren’t visible through the thin fabric of yoga pants. You may not even need to purchase any additional items if you already have some of these versatile workout pants in your closet.


There are plenty of options for adapting your current yoga attire for the coming winter months. What small item can you add to your wardrobe to make a difference in your warmth this season?

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